Brand Strategy

We study human behavior in order to influence human behavior.

You can count on YDP to ask one simple and powerful question at every turn: why do people?

Our clients access our strategic work from five categories:


Custom Engagements

Most strategic work doesn’t fit neatly into a category. So if none of the below options feel like the right starting point for what you need, we’re ready to listen to your problems and design a custom approach that hits all the right notes.


Actionable, Battle-Ready Strategies

You’re in an unfamiliar spot, or maybe an even all-too-familiar one, unsure where to go from here. You need the complete roadmap, a guideline to inform decisions immediately but also be forward-thinking enough to rely on core themes years down the road. You’ll work with an experienced, intellectually diverse team with disparate perspectives and a knack for seeing around corners to create the depth of plan right for you. We’ve executed lightning-fast plans in a matter of weeks, but we also conduct months-long deep dives to solve complex problems from the most informed position possible.

After the agreed-upon schedule, that team will present the final plan to you with any involved research or backup via appendix. If applicable, it’s then yours to execute. We can suggest creative execution partners in our network, and facilitate proposals to that end, or you can choose to move forward on your own.

A plan might include:

Review of Insights Gained
Major Opportunities
Key Decision Makers
Insights Gained
Key Touchpoints
Opportunities For Market Development
Opportunities for Brand Enhancement

Audience Analysis

These insights will lead to our identification of the target opportunities/audiences and influence the strategies to reach them. We will provide a detailed understanding and prioritization of the key audiences, and more importantly, their needs, in order to best influence and communicate with them.

Brand Positioning

Insightful differentiation for you and your product from the marketplace, perhaps even from past iterations and perceptions of your own brand.

Creative Assessment

Recommendation for evolution, which may include:

New Logo/Creative Treatment
New Theming
Website Updates/Creation
Video Production
New Collateral
Media and Distribution Method Recommendations
Social Media Recommendations

Roll Out Plan

For all elements identified above, including estimated costs.

Your needs may be different. Let’s talk and we’ll customize based on what’s right
 for you.


The most intensely productive day on your calendar.

Running a successful brand or business requires thinking within certain parameters. But those self-imposed limits can be stymying. A day with YDP and you’ll be seeing in every dimension.

Imagine you and your team melding minds with a specially curated mental powerhouse. Some of the brightest minds in creative direction, strategy, media, production and brand development – whichever are right for your needs – will challenge you to chase bigger ideas, while guiding you through the realities of those dreams.

Sessions are the best way to get introduced to our creative, energetic team. Based on your business and needs, we will customize the team to your session. You pick the date and length, from quarter- to full-day sessions. We’ll work together to set the agenda, and you should expect to leave your session with your mind buzzing and your organization poised for things you’d never previously imagined.

You need a place to safely knock down the walls and dream without bounds. That’s precisely what YDP Sessions was born for.


A Splash of Color in the Grayscale.

It’s a common syndrome. You and your team have stayed in your lane, focused on your industry or niche or way of doing things for so long you’re completely stuck in your ways. It’s hard to admit, but it happens to the best of us. Truly. Everything becomes a new version of last quarter’s thing.

You need a direct infusion of Creative Fitness. You need a YDP mind in the room.

Now you can contract a full YDP Team or individual to embed with your internal operations on a project or ongoing basis. This isn’t “fill the seat” stuff, it’s about deliberately injecting a different way of thinking into your team when you need it most.

YDP Team engagements will be completely customized to your timing and needs and can be priced as a complete project or on a monthly retainer basis.


Bespoke, Human-Driven Research.

We seek to understand people on behalf of our clients, blending elements of observational analysis, psychology, sociology, data science and other disciplines to deliver a deeper and truer perspective than can ever be gathered from even a concentrated focus on any one perspective. We perform market research, technology and operational audits, talent searches—anything it takes to keep our clients ahead.

Have a research-based project that could use the YDP treatment? Let’s talk.