Creative Fitness

For work-from-home, hybrid and office teams.

YDP’s Creative Fitness method creates perpetually creative cultures.

Every company wishes its people interacted like this, with knowledge flowing in all directions and everyone sharing in a common vision of success.

And in many startups and young companies, that’s exactly how it works: not only does everyone have a sense of the big picture, but they’re also less likely to strictly define themselves and their roles by title or department. There are no invisible barriers trapping knowledge and people from moving throughout the organization.

But because structure is necessary for profitable efficiency, interactions inside most companies eventually look more like this:

Product Team A
Product Team B
Operations Team
Marketing Team

That’s great for driving revenue, but it’s horrible for creativity and innovation! But efficiency and creativity don’t have to be mortal enemies.

With our method, your everyday structure remains unchanged. But below the surface, new teams of unlikely collaborators start to form.

These teams are given custom projects designed to drive organizational goals, and along the way, sparking new insights, knowledge transfer and creative discovery naturally and spontaneously.

Creative Fitness is like a perpetual blast of intentional creative chaos inside your organization.

YDP works with clients to develop custom Creative Fitness deployments that meet specific organizational goals. For example, we can create projects designed to do things like:

Increase digital skills

Build camaraderie, especially for work-from-home and hybrid teams

Increase organizational knowledge (and transfer)

Develop new empathy and understanding

Drive higher awareness of possible career trajectories

But the best part of Creative Fitness is the same as any other creative endeavor: the unpredictable new ideas, attitudes and perspectives that come from serendipitous partnership and work.

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