Stop making decisions alone.

AskYDP is an on-demand advisory service trusted by startups, small businesses and corporate leaders alike.

Think about AskYDP like Primary Care for your brand.

Just like good primary care can keep patients from ever needing costly surgeries in the first place, AskYDP clients get access to expert advice that helps them make efficient, informed decisions. The collective brainpower of AskYDP represents an incredibly broad spectrum of expertise cutting across nearly every conceivable area of marketing and far beyond, into video production, web development, IT and more.

Your AskYDP Partner is always on call.


When you have a question, you call your personal AskYDP Partner hotline.


Your AskYDP Partner will respond within 4 business hours. If your AskYDP Partner has an immediate answer to the question, great! You can ask any follow-ups you want, and keep going about your business.

If the question requires further consideration, or bringing in an AskYDP subject matter expert, your partner will tell you that they’re going to do some digging to get you the answer you’re looking for and give you a time frame to expect a complete response.


When you have a question, you call your personal AskYDP Partner hotline.

AskYDP clients receive:


Unlimited calls, chat, and/or emails with your AskYDP Partner and other AskYDP experts as necessary


A complete YDP Brand Vision Session once per year.


Exclusive access to the weekly AskYDP strategic insights newsletter and complete archive.

What do our clients use us for?

AskYDP is an open-ended advisory service, so our work is as varied as the clients we serve. Here’s just a sampling of the types of inquiries we are well prepared to handle:

Providing highly informed feedback and perspective on any marketing, branding, design, technology, video production or related work product.

Helping non-marketers approach all manner of marketing tasks, including vendor selection and management, in an informed way.

Advice on technology and gear acquisition, such as video, photography and podcast gear, or software tools.

Helping think through how to approach an urgent communications need.

Our expertise includes:

Crisis Communication
Social Media
Vendor Selection and Management
Video and Podcast Production
Studio Construction
Web Content
Brand Identity & Logo Design
App Development
Web Development
Software & Coding

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Need even more help?

AskYDP primarily exists to provide businesses and people who can’t otherwise afford ongoing partnership with an extremely valuable solution. But we don’t do everything. If you’re looking for a full-featured strategic partner, that’s YDP.

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What we don’t do.

Execute any work

The writing, designing, planning, video producing, vendor management, website building, strategy creating, etc., is up to you. Our value is in helping you choose where to devote your energy and why. If you’ve, say, hired 5 vendors to update your website in the past 7 years, we think you’ll understand that value very clearly.

Affiliate partnerships

We don’t have any affiliate partnerships with third-party companies or platforms, so you can trust that any  recommendations we make are based entirely on our evaluation of your needs, not on our bottom line.

Independent analysis, research, focus groups, etc.

Just like in your relationship with your doctor, you bring us your experiences and problems, and we’ll help you diagnose and think through treatments while we’re on the phone.